Relay ME is now open-source!

After recently announcing end-of-life for Relay ME, I have got a lot of responses from people who were using this app and relied on it for their business, and couldn’t find any alternatives to it. Unfortunately, or fortunately, texting is still a big thing and we don’t have a proper bridge to bring it to our online world. I was wondering if I could do something so we could keep this app working for as long as possible, given the fact that we can’t spent much time maintaining it. As a result, we have this app and its server-side components (used for OAuth flow, linking to GMail) open-sourced. You can find them on GitHub now (here, and here). You can now start contributing to this app, fix issues, and add features to it by sending pull-requests in GitHub.

In terms of app maintenance, it will be kept alive but I don’t think any technical support can be provided at this stage. We hope that we can fix bugs and improve the app by getting help from developer community in the future. There will be a public Trello board to track tasks and issues, giving visibility about what is happening, and a wiki containing the useful information.


5 thoughts on “Relay ME is now open-source!

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  2. tb

    This is great news, but the new and free version doesn’t seem to support the features of the paid version, i.e. sending sms from mail.

      1. tb

        It’s working now, after deleting settings, uninstall and reinstall. This phone had reach the maximum of 3 mails in trial mode, could be the problem.

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